About Me & Disclaimer

I'm am a twenty-three year old girly girl with a big love for literature, make-up, writing and ma main babe Leonardo DiCaprio.

I began this blog in 2011 to write snippets of my life. Whilst at university I juggled my academic progress alongside my passion for beauty, skincare and haircare. Of course I have plenty of other hobbies as well as a job but my blog allows me to ramble about mascara, lip gloss, shampoo etc without having to actually witness the dramatic eye rolls of those around me!

I buy most of the items featured on my blog, however if I have been sent a product or sample to review and feature on here I will mark it with an asterisk (*) and add a note at the bottom of the post. It is not my intention to look like I'm "showing off" about anything I own or have been given and if these types of posts offend you then I apologise. I would never write a dishonest review of a product just because it was sent to me. I would also never accept anything if I felt it wasn't something I'd buy with my own money or if it does not align with the content on my blog

I use my own photos where possible but if I am using an image that is not my own I try my best to state it. If I have not credited your image or have miscredited it then please let me know and I'll change it immediately.

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