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I love hearing from people who read my blog and by companies or brands who would like to inform me of a new product launch. I check my emails daily so send me an email at or click here (!!!) to email directly. I am happy and able to provide my blog's statistics to those who enquire via email. If you have any suggestions, requests or criticisms I am easily contactable on twitter @helloissy (click!) and instagram @helloissyxo (click!) as well as the good old favourite, Facebook (click!). Of course I love reading emails from other bloggers and blog lovers so my email address is open to anyone to write to!

I haven't got an active junk folder so if you don't receive a reply to your email it's probably a glitch so please do send it again - I reply to every email that requires a response or contains a question so even if you're asking me what I had for breakfast I'll reply (although it was probably something with peanut butter, mmmm yeah!)

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