Wednesday, 21 September 2011

September Glossybox. What's in the box?

After signing up for Glossybox in July I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first box. Due to such high demand for August’s box I had to wait until now to receive one. It was well timed really as I have just moved into my second year uni house so I consider it a house warming gift to myself.

I was very pleased with the selection I received in my box. After reading from blogs/twitters what other people had I was hoping for the Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Hair Treatment which luckily, I got! As you can see from the photo I also received the Spa Magik salt brushing sample, Moa Green Balm, Plum by Mary Greenwell and the HD Brows palette.

I have only managed to use 3 of these products so far, the brow palette, the hair treatment and the balm.
I’ve found the balm works best for me on my cuticles and the skin around my nails and on chapped lips, (rather than a cleanser which is recommended on the Glossybox site) as that is one of my biggest problems with my nails, as an ex-nail biter I’m still stuck with some bad habits. It has a scent not dissimilar to Olbas Oil, which personally I like as it’s quite refreshing.

The Neal and Wolf hair treatment is something I’m a big fan of. I have quite long hair so to use it successfully I parted my hair into two bunches and massaged the product from the roots to the tips one side at a time once wet in the shower. It doesn’t lather up like shampoo and it’s not runny so it’s very easy to apply.  The packaging is very simple and there’s very little “fuss” in the blurb on the back. My only criticism is that it doesn’t state on the back whether to use before shampooing/after shampooing/before conditioning/instead of conditioning or give a recommended usage such as once a week/month etc. That is only a very minor criticism might I add, it ticks a lot of the boxes for me in terms of hair treatment; it didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy and the scent while I used it was divine (it was similar to something I’ve smelt before but I can’t place it).
My hair felt soft and smooth afterwards and although the scent didn’t linger after that’s not really a problem for me as I wear perfume most days and wouldn’t want the scents to mix.
I used it alone when I first tried it, so I didn’t shampoo before or condition after as I wanted to see the results without being affected by other products.

The HD Brows Palette is probably my second favourite item in the box after the hair treatment. I received the palette in “Vamp” which is perfectly matched to my brow colouring. Although I’m likely to only use the brown on the bottom left of the palette I’m pleased at the variety of shades supplied within the palette. Having colours both lighter and darker than what I use now means that if I choose to colour my hair lighter or darker I won’t have to go out and buy another brow product to match my hair.

 The Neal & Wolf “sample” in this month’s Glossybox is actually full size and has a retail price of £12.95, as is the HD Brows Palette which retails at £19.95 so in paying £12.95 for my Glossybox I’ve already made a saving!

I have yet to try the Spa Magik samples but when I do I’ll post about it straight away!

Did you get a Glossybox this month? What did you think? Link me to your posts/reviews in the comments section :)

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