Sunday, 4 March 2012

Took a little trip to town

... and managed to purchase some lovely new bits!
If you know me you'll know that I like to be a girly girl. That doesn't mean I always listen to the sweet sounds of the birds outside without shouting "shut up you bastards" or that I'm not partial to a bit of pop-punk while I'm at the gym, but I do love anything and everything pastel, floral and kitsch! This happens to mean that while I'm in Cath Kidston I prance around like a fat kid in a cake shop and have to restrain myself from buying a whole wardrobe for my unborn, unconceived children (2 girls and a boy, twins if possible.)

Anyway, back to the point. For christmas I received a lovely Cath Kidston bag from my Auntie, but unfortunately it was too small for me to make proper use of with all the books I have to lug around university. Cath Kidston have the best returns policy.. if it's still in good condition with the labels on they'll give you a credit note or exchange, so Saturday saw me skip in there with one bag and my sob story and leave with a bigger bag, a make up bag and a new keyring. OOPS!
This is the medium box bag. It comes in a variety of designs but this is the one that I chose, how pretty is it! Clashes with my bed covers but I'll recover from that trauma.

And this is the make up bag. It was between this one or a laquered pink one. This won the vote because it's machine washable, wahoo!

Keyring! I've had my keys on a Hello Kitty lanyard since I was 18 and it's looking a little grubby so I picked up this beaut.

And, the piece de resistance.. a Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle! Since I hadn't parted with any real money I saw this and couldn't resist it. It's perfect to have burning while I write the 3 remaining essays and long for the Cadbury Philadelphia in the fridge (no fatty, no!)

So, that was my little share of this weekend's purchases. I have a review of Clinique's translucent powder that I want to share, but it won't be up for at least a week. I'm going out big time next weekend and I think that's the perfect test for any new make up with the lights, heat and consumption of one too many drinks.

Have you got any Yankee Candles? I'm already on the hunt for my next one. I hope you've all had a happy weekend, 

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  1. I love Cath Kidston patterns, so pretty :) Love the bag!

    Silken Spirits