Monday, 22 April 2013

Another Enrapture Encode Totem Styler Review

A few months ago I wrote this post (click!) on the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler. The photos in that post show the wand's abilities when used on the setting 1-1-2, but yesterday I wanted a little more than that for my evening out in Cambridge, so I changed the settings to 2-2-2. It was a consistent heat all the way down as opposed to in the last post where it was hottest at the bottom of the want. The photos below demonstrate the results.

From L-R : First curled pieces; less than 1inch thick held round the barrel for 15-20 seconds each time. They're quite "ragdoll"-esque here which isn't my cup of tea. One side fully curled and the other lightly straightened before curling (my hair is naturally very wavy so it needs taming before curling). Finally both sides curled - far less tight after being brushed lightly through with my hands.

I didn't take any photos throughout the night as I was at a concert but this was the result after being lightly brushed once I was home. I didn't use any hair spray or hair product at all when styling my hair. I left it like that all evening, through 2 hours of driving, walking outside and sitting in a performance hall. It was only brushed when I was home.

The curls dropped gradually while I was out but not to the point where it looked shabby. After being brushed through the curls were very soft and still held some of the shape that the heat had given when I first used it. To be honest, if I had brushed my hair through before leaving I'd have been happy with the result if it looked like this all evening as well so overall the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler has once again given my hair a sleek, smooth curl that can remain as a tight curl or be brushed through to leave a softer curl.

Details of the Totem Styler can be found on the Enrapture website here (click!) or a swift Google search will set you up with online retailers such as (click!) which has the cheapest price I've seen at £39.98, (click!) at £39.99, or (click!).

Let me know if you pick one up or what your favourite heat setting is in the comments, on twitter (click!) or in an email here (click!)

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