Thursday, 27 June 2013

Vanishing Cream Moisturiser by Lush

A low-fat lavender moisturiser that disappears into the skin 
leaving nothing behind except beautiful soft skin. 
Wonderful on oily skin or on T-zones. 

I bought this in Lush in Swindon earlier this week after needing a creamier formula for my night-time skin routine. I adore my Dermalogica moisturiser that I reviewed here (click!) for daily wear and for warmer, summer days but after using an exfoliator or muslin cloth on my skin in the evenings I've needed something to restore the moisture that was removed by my cleansing products.

This moisturiser does what it says on the lid - it's beautifully fragranced with lavender which is really relaxing, especially before bed. It soothes and rehydrates my skin and doesn't leave a heavy layer that takes a while to sink it, although if I've used a little too much at any point I've noticed a slight tackiness can occur. It doesn't last long though and doesn't affect the application of make-up either - I'm a firm believer in giving your skin time to adjust between applying products so this isn't a problem for me but if you're more of a "slap-it-on-and-go" kinda gal then this might not be ideal for you. However, counter arguing myself here - Lush also have their Emotional Brilliance range which includes a face powder to be mixed with your favourite moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser; I think this moisturiser would be perfect to pair with it as it would probably bind well and stay on the skin from the minute it's applied so that could be a solution to that problem!

I prefer this moisturiser as a night time product or for days when I'm either not putting make-up on or when I know I won't be putting make-up on for a while. I like to let it fully absorb before I slather on my foundation or primer to avoid any nasty build up. Clogged pores are not cute! the best thing about it being suited to oily skin is that it's not horribly thick. It has a yogurt like consistency which I find ideal.

This isn't a cheap moisturiser but it isn't especially expensive - it's £17.50 / 45g and comes in the pot as shown in the photos above. It doesn't come in another form of dispenser which is a shame - I'd quite like a pump for this but alas, no such luck. 

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