Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tangle Angel - Heaven Sent Hair

Created by Richard Ward the Tangle Angel aims to gently detangle hair leaving it smooth and manageable. It claims to be anti-bacterial, anti-static and heat resistant whilst maintaining an "elegant" design. Mine is a pearlescent pink shade with contrasting matte pink bristles.

Personally, I think it's cute - it makes me feel like a real life My Little Pony which is great. I don't think I'd whack it out of my bag and wave it around at anyone but I don't mind standing it up on my dressing table because it actually looks cute with its little wings and shimmery pinkness.

Although it may not look like it, the bristles are all the same length. They follow the contour of the brush so some reach a different height but this shouldn't affect the performance of the brush. I quite like this because the bristles aren't too long meaning there's no harsh contact with my scalp while I brush my hair.

As you can see it does cover quite a large surface area when gliding down the hair. You can hold it either by the handle or around the winged back for better control.

In these photos I've used it on dry hair but I also use it to brush my hair mask or conditioner through from the mid sections to the ends as well. Bearing in mind that hair has much more elasticity when wet and is much more prone to snapping or being pulled to far I find this brush is perfect to use while I'm letting my hair dry naturally or with heat because there's no unpleasant tugging. It's easy to rinse clean if there's any product stuck between the bristles and I haven't noticed any adverse effects when I've used it whilst washing my hair.

I haven't encountered any static or unwanted flyaways whilst using this brush. I like it for what it does for my hair but I do feel it might be aimed at a slightly younger target audience than my own but it's cool - I live in dreamland most of the time anyway so I'm working this My Little Pony-esque hairbrush all day err'day.

You can buy your own Tangle Angel here (click!) for £14.99. It comes in 3 colours, Pearl White, Gorgeous Pink and Double Black.

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  1. This is the cutest brush I have ever seen :)