Saturday, 31 August 2013

Quick & easy back to school rescue kit

So, back to school is rapidly approaching. I have recently attained an assistant position in an upper school so this evening I began to get prepared for my first inset day on Monday.
I can remember exactly what going back to school felt like throughout all my school years and my university degree so I thought I'd put together a little rescue kit for those days where everything is going wrong and you just need a little cuddle!

I have included : pain medication, hayfever / allergy tablets, a nail file, clear nail polish, intense lip balm, mouth irritation gel, anti-bacterial hand gel, intense moisturiser, a hair clip, 2 hair bands, bobby pins, eye drops, chapstick a piece of gum and a little perfume dispenser filled with one of my body sprays.

You could include absolutely anything from tampons, toothpaste, a toothbrush, cuticle oil, your favourite nail polish shade, mini mascara, earrings, cotton buds, spot treatment, concealer, cuticle trimmer, cough sweets, tweezers..... the list is endless!!

Do you have any essentials you will be taking when you head back to the classroom? Let me know, there's room in my handbag for more!

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