Monday, 11 May 2015

Balmi // Blackcurrant

Balmi lip balm review

Blackcurrant scented anything would get my vote anyway, but this lip cube from Balmi smells absolutely divine.

It's different from your regular chapstick for a couple of reasons. The first is how it looks; the cube packaging isn't like any other brand I've seen. The gist of it reminds me a bit of the EOS lip balm, but even the balm itself is a different shape.
The point (heh!) of the cone shaped applicator allows for easy application and certainly beats the usual sticky finger situation if you're using balm from a tin or pot.

In terms of wearability it's completely transparent so there's no white residue and it lasts for a couple of hours even through drinking / eating etc.

This is definitely something I'll have in my bag, and as I'm gathering bits for holidays and festivals I will be taking this with me when I can.

Have you tried any Balmi balms? You can pick them up for around £5 from Boots here (!) and check out the information on the Balmi website here (!)

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