Friday, 26 August 2011

absolutely typical!

As today is the first day this week I've had no plans whatsoever, I had arranged myself a lie-in! It's so nice knowing you don't have to get up for anything at all unless you want to... unfortunately the doorbell went, my phone rang and my younger brother didn't set an alarm so I had to turf him out of bed. It's safe to say my lie-in didn't exactly go to plan. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as I hate wasting the morning by sleeping, I'd much rather be busy...though a longer nap would have been good!
To top it all off I had to pop to my local shops to get some cash out and I had the classic "looking-like-shit-and-seeing-someone-you-know" scenario. I looked terrible! It was pre-shower, so I was wearing a pink hoody and black leggings (which I dripped nail varnish on last night!). My trip then involved seeing him go to the cash point just in front of me (damn it!) and dashing into the shop and walking down a separate aisle while he walked in, and making the quickest cash withdrawal known to humanity!
Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Truman Show and these things are set up to test me!

Now that I'm home I'll be spending the day with my boyfriend before he has to go to work tonight and then testing my new Estée Lauder foundation sample!

xo xo

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