Saturday, 20 August 2011

If only my camera wasn't broken...

I went out with my best friend for her brother's birthday last night and let myself have a curry for the first time in months, y u m! I wish my camera wasn't playing up so I could show you my new Shellac nails that I had done yesterday morning! (*Update on that later*)

I ended up getting home at about 12 and I was absolutely ready for my bed! Unfortunately I was so tired that when my boyfriend got home from work at 2am I totally ignored him and kept trying to go back to sleep while he was talking to me! Whoops.

Today my mum and I went down to see the house that I'm living in for my second year ... unfortunately it was an absolute disaster :(
I have a very small room and unfortunately I can't make it more personal with the furniture or change the paint colour and decorations so I have a very tiny blue and green bedroom.. definitely not me! The rest of the house is in a very sorry state at the moment which lead to me having a little cry before I left. I hope we can get it sorted as there has already been a delay in our contract start date!
We've finally arrived home and I'm with my brother tonight so we're going to get stuck in to the first night of the X Factor.

xo xo

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