Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Summer Holidays 2011

Since I'm back in gloomy England I thought I'd relive my travels by posting some photos from my trip to Florida.

At the beginning of July I jetted off to Disney World with my boyfriend and his family. We went for just under two weeks and I had an absolutely incredible time! We met all the characters we could find including 3 of the princesses! Here are some of my favourite photos from the trip
Cinderella's Castle!

We went out to dinner at The Peabody hotel one night and this is the dress I wore. I've got my Coach clutch bag as well but you can't see it very clearly (just as well as it was brown so didn't match my dress!)

Lots of shopping happened but I was very pleased with these 3 items! I love how America has better sizing than England, so for once I found jeans that fitted at the waist and on the legs!

The jeans in this photo are the same ones pictured above. 
 2 of my birthday presents! I couldn't help but spend a little two much on these two items, my new Ted Baker purse and a Tiffany & Co. ring!
Hogwarts castle at Universal Studios. I had one of the best days here and the ride in the castle is my favourite. It's terrifying and brilliant at the same time!

Welcome to my home!

And finally, July 4th fireworks over Cinderella's Castle. It was absolutely magical!

xo xo 

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