Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Who Am I?

Hello Blogspot! 
I'm Isabelle. I'm twenty years young and I'm currently in my second year of studying English in the South of England. I've recently moved to blogspot from tumblr as I wanted to move away from the generic reblogging of photos which had some how turned into a popularity contest. My blog is still active on there but I will slowly be moving my reviews and other posts to this blog. 
I live with 3 of my best friends in a little house where we mainly watch Sex & The City, Made In Chelsea, TOWIE, Criminal Minds and read countless book relating to our course. 
My favourite things are music, fashion, beauty, spending too much money on whimsical purchases, family, boyfriend, hello kitty, best friends, good literature, blogs, happiness, love, holidays, Teddy & plenty of other things that I'm sure I'll blog about!
I'm trying to find a good balance between writing about my personal life and things that I've bought or products I want to share with you.
I hope you find something you like on here and of course, any feedback is much appreciated so feel free to leave it in the comments section or email me at helloissyxo@gmail.com

Big love, Issy xo xo 

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