Saturday, 1 October 2011

Uni Life- 2nd Year

So I'm now back in the South of England at university. I moved into a four-bedroom house with three of my best friends a couple of weeks ago and we've finally got the house set up to with tv and internet so it feels more like a home than just a house.

I havent been able to take many photos of the house, not that it's very picturesque, but I do have a few photos from my instagram over the last few weeks

My Clarins face cleanser and moisturiser. Absolute god sends if you ask me!

Our first night in the house with a tiny tv and a huge aerial. Thankfully this has been replaced by a fantastic 52 inch screen now.

My September Glossybox! I was so excited on the drive to pick this up from the Post Office!

Little texts bringing cupcakes to one of my old flat mates.

My new dog jumper from River Island. It's the first thing I put on for hungover mornings or afternoons after lectures. Definitely my favourite wardrobe item this month.

Okay, so this isn't from Instagram but this was the highlight of my week last week! Getting re-tweeted by a Mrs.Doubtfire twitter account with a reply like that is priceless.

Tuesday morning getting ready for lectures. I had just used my HD Brows palette and I'm still totally in love with it.

This is a little kitten who lives down the road. She comes right into the house most days and on Wednesday she fell asleep on the sofa!

This is a photo from when I went out on Thursday night. Everything looks normal until you look at the bottom left and Aimee is drying her face under the hand dryer whilst taking pictures to see her expressions.
I don't fully understand it either. 

There you have it. The last couple of weeks of my life through my iPhone. I'll get back to proper updates in the next few days and big love for those of you who stuck around while I've been slacking

xo xo

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