Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My very own Focco!

Now, I want to start this post with the view that I never buy fake items. I feel like it's a sin, but I'm aware that some people might consider that since I'm now the proud owner of a Focco (faux - Alexander Wang Rocco) bag I'm being a hypocrite. Let me clarify, I'd never buy "Louis Vuitton" from the market stalls, nor would I pay £200 for a fake Chanel quilted bag, but as this bag is completely unbranded I thought I'd give it a whirl. The Rocco retails for $875 on the Alexander Wang Website, and my Focco was £30 from an international eBay seller.

Now for the photos

The bag itself is made from a shiny faux leather material with a cracked appearance. 
It's soft to touch and very light to carry around.

The studs on the bottom of the bag are one of it's main features. They are solid and the same colour as brass. The colour matches the zips on the top and side as well.

The interior is very spacious with an inner zipped pocket, a pocket for a mobile phone (which is small, definitely doesn't fit my iPhone with a case on/any recent Blackberry model) and another slightly larger pocket without a zip. 

The handles are strong and I feel that for £30 I've got more than my money's worth when it comes to this bag. There's one thing it lacks when compared to the original, a shoulder strap, whether it's detachable or not it would be nice to have the option but it's not strictly necessary as the top handles are my preferred choice with any bag.
All in all I'm extremely pleased with this bag and I'd trust this eBay seller if I chose to buy it in another colour.

What do you think about fakes? Would you openly buy a fake item or are you like me? Do you agree with the Focco being unbranded?

xo xo 

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