Tuesday, 22 November 2011

November Glossybox

I realise that I never posted about the October Glossybox last month, sorry about that! It's for two reasons, one, the day I received my box I opened it in such a rush and used everything without thinking about taking photos and two, because I was extremely unimpressed with the contents. I know it's luck of the draw in terms of nail polish colour etc but I didn't really have anything positive to say about some of the products so I thought I'd keep schtum! I would like to say that the Dermalogica products were brilliant, the lip complex is so perfect for me and the two face products were lovely and a nice change from my usual routine.

Anyway,  on to November's box. Mine looked like this (including the nail wraps but my housemate snapped them up as soon as I said I didn't like them!)
Firstly, the Arbonne Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme.
"Soothing creme moisturises hands leaving a healthy appearance and skin feeling smooth and refreshed." 
Full size 18ml £19

My only problem with this product is the size of the tube compared to the amount of product inside. I can squeeze this tube with a lot of pressure and it takes going right to the bottom to get any cream out. This is a little pet peeve of mine.*

Secondly, the Dead Sea Spa Magik Delicate Boosting Mask. 
"A creamy mask containing pure Dead Sea Mud in a gentle formulation, showing immediate and remarkable results."
Full size 25ml £8.80

I was quite surprised by this face mask. For some reason I expected it to be really dark but it's a light creamy colour and a little goes a long way.

 I only needed a small amount to cover my whole face evenly with a thin layer of the product. I washed it off in the shower fifteen minutes later and at first I didn't see what all the fuss was about but after getting out and drying my face I'm quite impressed. My skin feels smooth all over, although I do still need to moisturise, but I'm really pleased this was in my box, I think it might be a new favourite!

Finally, (with no photo, sorry!) the Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer 
"Intensive, super-moisturising pre shampoo treatment for all hair types. Adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine"
Full size £52.10

I've used this before about 3 years ago when I had very damaged blonde hair and I feel like at the time I quite liked it. Now however, I'm not as impressed. I love hair products but I feel like compared to the Neal & Wolf intensive treatment in September's Glossybox this is really not worth buying, especially when looking at the price! £52.10 for 500ml of the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer but 200ml of Neal and Wolf's Harmony is only £12.95. I know which one I'll re-purchase (I still haven't run out of the Harmony bottle from September!) I can agree with the added "manageability" from the product's claim but "elasticity, bounce and shine" could all be down to the shampoo and conditioner I used afterwards. 
When I was using this product I did think to myself "Maybe if I use this and don't shampoo and condition after I'll get a better idea of what the product does" but after rinsing it out of my hair I couldn't have left my hair without the other products, it felt knotty and a little crispy so unfortunatley I can't really tell what this product alone would do. I also didn't sit with a plastic cap/cling-film on my head, I'll try this again later in the week and see what the results are then, I haven't written it off just yet!

As mentioned above, the nail wraps really aren't my thing so my housemate now has them, and as for the perfume sample.... well. I know this is a sample box but you only have to buy a magazine these days to get a whiff of the latest perfume, and with three perfume samples last month I'm a bit "over-it". This Illamasqua Freak sample is pleasant, quite strong but smells a little masculine for my taste. I wear Chanel Chance and Pink with a splash on a day-to-day basis so that might explain why this isn't quite up my street! It is a nice scent and I'm sure one of my housemates will claim it!

*I am aware Glossybox is a sample box and I never expect full size tubs, pots and tubes in my box. I appreciate the whole idea of the sample box and I'm more than grateful to receive small sized products, I just don't like there being a small amount of product in a big tube. It's like wrapping up a pair of earrings in a shoe-box, annoying and unnecessary.*

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Did you get a box this month? What was your favourite product?

Big love, 

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