Thursday, 17 November 2011

Shopping Haul

Today I went shopping in Southampton with my housemates. I've been looking forward to a good spend for quite a while, and I definitely accomplished that!
I hit River Island, Topshop, H&M, Primark and Superdrug resulting in a dent in my bank account that I'm fairly proud of.

Since my camera is absolutely crap I can't really do much more detail than this, but you can see how cute everything is! The eyelashes are from Primark so I don't have very high hopes for them but for £2 I don't really mind. The mittens, scarf and headband are from H&M and River Island and they are so snug! I wore them straight out to the Christmas light turn on near my house and I didn't feel the cold at all, the only issue is not being able to text on my iPhone with the mittens on!
I'll try the MUA blusher tomorrow at uni so I can write more about it then, as well as the Topshop lipstick. I bought it in "Pillow Talk" as it's a really soft pink that leaves a slight gloss on top of the colour when applied. Finally, the little heart bag is from H&M. It's lovely and I thought it was really practical, but after jumping with joy at the prospect of Christmas while wearing it and breaking the chain I have changed my mind! It wasn't attached properly to begin with and the chain has popped out of the little bit of metal that it's connected to.

So, that was my little update for today!  Have you got any winter favourites so far?

Lots of love,


  1. I love your scarf it's so cute :-) xx

  2. Cute scarf & I love the lipstick colour !