Saturday, 7 January 2012

New clothes, shoes and kabuki brush! (lots of photos!)

This has got to be the best Saturday shopping result in a few months. Mama and I had some spare time today so we popped into town expecting it to be a standard let's-go-shopping-and-come-home-with-nothing experience. 
Thankfully, it was a let's-go-shopping-and-come-home-with-lots experience! 

River Island was exceptionally kind to me with a pair of pink skinny jeans and a blue/black cardi with gold buttons.

 I wandered into Bank on the off chance that I'd find something in there and my mum picked up this gorgeous jumper! I picked it up in a 14 as I didn't want it to be too "fitted". It's by Blonde + Blonde (found here) and they have some lovely pieces in their collection. I'm going to order this and this next!

After receiving the Mac Prep + Prime translucent powder I thought I'd head in and see if they had a brush they recommend to use with it. I was recommended the 120 which I already have but mine has started malting so she gave me their 182 Kabuki brush which I'll review this week. 

Finally, Topshop was a gem today! After ordering the Vectras in nude to my university address (grr! I'm an idiot sometimes!) I decided to go in store and spend some of my voucher on the black pair. I was going to buy the black pair anyway but now I have one pair to wear in Disneyland next weekend

Aren't they beautiful?!

Anyway, that's today's little share. I'm hoping to get hold of a tripod for my camera to do an outfit photo of what I'm wearing out to my Mum's birthday meal tomorrow (it will consist of most of the items in this post!)

Link me to any of your "Recently Bought" posts, I'd love to see.

Have a lovely Saturday!