Monday, 2 January 2012

currently having a fling with Benefit...

Today I have a few Benefit presents to tell you about. Firstly, two beautiful facial products, the Foamingly Clean facial wash and the Triple Performing facial emulsion (i.e. moisturiser!)
(They are the wrong way around in this photo compared to the first one, forgive me!)

These two products are amazing! The face wash removes all traces of face make-up and eye make up! I  haven't tried it with waterproof mascara but with non-waterproof Bad Gal mascara there's not a trace left! I love the moisturiser because a little goes a long way. I use 4 pumps from the bottle and this gives me about a penny size amount which covers my face. I'd recommend using both products together as they seem to compliment each other well, the cleanser sometimes leaves my skin feeling a little "squeaky"( you know what I mean?!) but the moisturiser takes that away.

On to the cosmetics: my lovely mum bought me both of these, I'm Glam Therefore I Am and Tan About Town. Both quite wittily named and both really handy to have when I don't have hours to get ready. My favourite is I'm Glam Therefore I Am as I've used pretty much everything in it. With 4 shimmery eye-shadow choices, a miniature Bad Gal mascara, Life on the List lipgloss, Girl Meets Pearl illuminator and Glamming face powder, surprisingly, it's not too big to carry around in a medium sized make up bag. They all make for the perfect natural look when applied.

 Tan About Town took some getting used to. I love the Bad Gal mascara again and I don't mind that it's a "sample" sized product, however I was quite disappointed by the size of the Some Kind-a Gorgeous foundation and Hoola. They are practically Thumbelina sized!

(Both Hoola and Some Kind-a Gorgeous are smaller than my little tin of Vaseline. Quite a let down.)

Unfortunately for me I can't use the foundation as I'm the palest person in the universe, but I've come to like Hoola. If you know your Benefit products it's a pretty much Dallas but without the shimmer.
Anyway, aside from that little moan I have actually fallen head over heels in love with Benefit after using these. They are perfect to carry around and use daily and Benefit never try to be something they're not. They have pretty packaging and quirky names and although all of these products retail full size for over £10 they are products I will use, repurchase and recommend to my friends.

Do you have any Benefit products you can recommend to me?? I haven't bought anything from them in years so please give me your favourites. 
I hope you're all making the most of the bank holiday, lots of love 


  1. My favourite new product from Benefit is "Watt's Up", it is a highlighter and has the effect which I always hope "High beam" will give me - it has a buffer so you are not at risk of unsightly lines if not rubbed in properly in certain lights, and also looks good under and over powder. :)

  2. oooh I love the kits, great way to try everything before you buy thr full size product. The Erase Paste is fab x

  3. I love the mini kits. My friend got me the powderazzi and its brill. Great blog:)