Friday, 24 February 2012

Milkshake Active Milk Mask

Today I'm supposed to be doing this...

So, naturally I've decided to let you know about this.. the Milkshake Active Milk Mask for your hair.

I received this in miniature form from my parents for Christmas but I loved it so much I ordered another one through my hairdresser when I was last home.
The mask contains milk proteins, rice, avocado oil and vitamin E. It's a deep conditioner hair mask for dry/damaged hair. Mine is neither really but I'm absolutely hooked on how soft it leaves my hair feeling!

It has quite a thick consistency and smells so good! A really sweet milky vanilla scent which I adore! If that doesn't sound like your idea of heaven then don't worry, it doesn't linger on the hair..however if you do like the sound of it then there's also a leave-in conditioner that you can spray on damp hair and that smells exactly the same and it stays smelling sweet for a while!
The amount shown in the photo is enough to fully coat all of my hair. I have lots of long but fine hair that's down past my shoulders so this pot should last a long time for most people! 
I use after shampooing and gently comb it through with my Tangle Teezer to ensure it's over my hair evenly. Leave for 3-5 minutes and then be sure to rinse it all out! 
I really can't fault this product, it smells good, leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and there doesn't seem to be any residue weighing my hair down. 

Milkshake Active Milk Mask retails at £13.69 for 200ml* and can be bought from professional salons or from this! I'd recommend this to everyone if they'd listen to me waffle on about it because it's one of the best hair masks I've used and tops most of the premium priced products found in stores (I'm looking at you Aussie!!)

I hope at least one reader picks this up, let me know if it's you!
*It was hard to find a consistent price for this product, the Milkshake website (here) gives two prices of £11.94 and £11.69 but the specialist hair website gives £13.69 so that's the price I've provided*

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  1. great review!
    you have awesome hair and you must take good care of them :)