Saturday, 31 March 2012

a spring in my step...

It's officially been an entire week since the clocks went forward and it seemed to encourage the skies to give us beautiful weather all week. It's possible that this resulted in a patch of sunburn on my arm in a very bizarre shape but let's not dwell on that...
I've got three days of university lectures left and on Thursday I'll finally be going home to my lovely double bed and greeting my parents when they fly in from Dubai, wahoo!

Since it's been forever since my last "proper" post I'm going to fit a bit of everything into this. If you follow me on Instagram I've been much more active on there since it's easy to take snaps and caption them wherever I am but here's some little updates anyway...

 50th anniversary cocktails at The Langham Hotel
 best friend's 21st birthday giant cupcake, y u m!
 2 little jelly babies...they didn't last long!
 new favourite jumper and curly hair
you me at six being amazing in Bournemouth last week. 

The absolute peak of this week has to be me finally fitting into this skirt and wearing it to Bournemouth Beach on friend is inept when it comes to using my iPhone to take a photo haha, hey finger! I'm aiming to be less than 140lbs come Monday so let's keep our fingers crossed please!

So, this week I WILL be posting about the Clinique translucent powder I bought a few weeks ago because I love, love, love it and want the world to know! 

Lots of love and appreciation for those of you who stuck around over my terrible couple of weeks posting-wise!

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