Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes - Break Out Masque

Last week I was offered the opportunity to try Montagne Jeunesse's new Skin Heroes range. There are 5 new masks all retailing at £1.49. I really don't think you can argue with any skin product for that price. The new Skin Heroes are : 
Shine Control for greasy, shine prone skin
Dry Skin Masque for dry, dehydrated skin
Break-Out Masque for problem skin prone to eruptions
T-Zone Peel Off for a bothersome and blemished T-Zone
De-Clog Pore strip for blocked up, clogged pores on or around the nose.

I don't know if I've said this before, but I have very, very normal skin! I occasionally suffer from a few blemishes on my chin but I have been very blessed in the skin department. Bearing that in mind I chose the two products I felt I could review most honestly and still experience something to report to you guys - the Break-Out Masque and the De-Clog Pores strip.

This masque is comes in 2 stages, a Cleansing Mud Mask and a Rapid Action Moisturiser.
The masque claims to "flush out those blocked pores" and the moisturiser to "allow Mother Nature to work her magic to tackle those problem areas" ooh, mystical!
 The masque was a kind of pale green colour, very similar to the picture on the front of the packet although I didn't stick any leaves to my eyes... There was enough in the pack for more than one application so I was able to apply it across my face in quite a thick layer. I do have photographic evidence of my face covered in this masque however I'm not sure anyone needs to see it! Anyway, the masque had a lovely scent of tea tree which was so relaxing and it didn't make my skin feel horribly tingly like some tea tree products do. This masque contains tea tree, Canadian Willowherb and witch hazel. You apply, leave for for 15-20 minutes and then rinse, followed by the provided moisturiser. The masque dried like most other clay based masks, my brother very kindly told me I looked like the joker and proceeded to take a photo, charming! It wasn't as easy to wash off as I had hoped however with a little help from a flannel it was off in a tick.

The moisturiser looks and feels similar to any other moisturising product but it has a lovely scent, tea tree strikes again! I really liked how this felt against my skin and it's left it feeling so smooth! I can't stop touching my face haha.

I only used this within the last couple of hours but I can already feel a difference, my skin feels beautifully smooth and my "problem area" of my chin looks better than it did before the masque.
I'll update my twitter over the next few days with whether any dastardly spots creep up or whether this masque has kept them at bay.
Due to having so much in the packet I also applied this to my younger brother who does suffer from skin breakouts, poor bub! He said "it felt really nice... quite clean" so if the wise words of a fifteen year old boy are anything to go by then there's a nice little quote for you!

As I mentioned, I was sent this for review purposes however it is something I would buy myself and everything said above is honest.

The Skin Heroes range is available from most ASDA stores, the Montagne Jeunesse website retailing at £1.49 (with free delivery on orders over £7.50, ooh!). They are also 100% suitable for vegetarians, BUAV approved and strive to use natural ingredients. 

Do you use any Montagne Jeunesse products? What's your favourite??


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  1. These masks look really nice! I have quite picky skin that throws a tantrum if I don't look after it so I'm always hunting for little treats to pamper it with and at £1.49? Well I'd be silly not to right? ;) Lovely review and very helpful.