Tuesday, 24 April 2012

OPI Obsession

My nails are well and truly spoilt sometimes! Last week I did an impulse buy on ASOS of 3 nail polishes. I'm a sucker the Kardashians, I know a lot of people (mostly MailOnline readers from what I've seen) cannot abide the Kardashian family but although I've still not quite put my finger on what they actually do I still love them! When I saw the Kardashian Kolors were on ASOS I was sold in an instant!

I paid £14.95 for ASOS Premier with my order so next day delivery was free and I could track my delivery slot from that morning, impressive. 

Anyway, here they are...
 Nicole by O.P.I. - Kimpletely In Love £9, O.P.I. - Kiss Me On My Tulips £11, Nicole by O.P.I.- Something Sparkylie £9

I love these colours! They're very easy to apply and have a short drying time, even with 2 coats of Something Sparkylie I was only waiting about 2-3 minutes for it to dry. 
Kiss Me On My Tulips is part of the Holland collection and is a vibrant fuschia colour. Mine has had a solid 3 days without chipping which I'm very impressed with. 
Something Sparkylie is one of the Nicole by O.P.I. Kardashian Kolors and it's a perfect glitter polish. I've found it really compliments Kiss Me On My Tulips as an accent nail.
Kimpletely In Love is a milky, pearly pink. One coat is perfect for a quick, easy shimmer on the nail however I prefer two coats as it's slightly thicker and looks lovely when it catches the light. 

These Kardashian Kolors are available from ASOS, BeautyBay and I have seen regular O.P.I. colours on both of those websites, John Lewis stores and some nail/beauty salons.

Have you tried the Kardashian Kolors??


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