Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Feeling Fruity...

Since the beginning of forever I've always struggled with snacking. I'll eat even when I'm not hungry or use it as some kind of distraction from what I really should be doing, usually work! I've got terrible self control too which really doesn't help. After using the WeightWatchers plan and getting used to the "fruit and veg is unlimited" thing I had to keep reminding myself that just because it's 0 points doesn't mean it's 0 calories.On the WeightWatchers plan I tend to use vegetables to bulk out my meal without feeling guilty and it's working just fine, however when I have lost 10lbs and return to real-life I'll have to be aware of the nutritional value in foods. I could (and have been known to) eat 6 or 7 bananas in a day. I bloody love bananas, on WeightWatchers (in theory) this is okay but a 100g banana can contain 100calories.. 700calories on just bananas is a little bit mental. This has lead me to find ways to snack on healthy foods in moderation. This is where a home-made fruit pot comes in! 

I used - 
- 1 clementine
-  small bananas
- 1 medium apple
- 7 red grapes
- 7 green grapes
and 2 clean, large yogurt pots.

I peeled and chopped both bananas and the clementine, used a super cool apple slicer to remove the core of the apple and slice it evenly and rinsed off the grapes before sharing everything evenly between the two pots. 

Each pot comes to approximately 144calories. As a snack this is less than your average bag of crisps, chocolate bar and only around 5 calories more than a can of regular Coke! I find that pre-preparing any snacks I know I like means that I only eat what I've already prepared and they're easy to grab out the fridge and take wherever you're going.. for me that's usually out to a friend's house or somewhere like the cinema where there are plenty of temptations!
For more of a treat you could add frozen yogurt or for those who are blessed enough to not need to focus on the calorie count, ice-cream.. one of my favourite extras is either some frozen chocolate buttons or granola, I love granola!

This can also be turned into a breakfast parfait by layering your selection of fruit with yogurt and granola or your choice of cereal and then refrigerating overnight until the morning. 

So, an obvious but healthy way to snack without going overboard.

Are you one to pick fruit over pick 'n' mix or does your sweet tooth take over??


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