Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint - Bare 01

As I'm sure most people know Liz Earle are finally bringing out a highly anticipated (by me at least!) cosmetics range! After taking the first few steps on my cruelty free journey I've been trying my hardest to steer clear of the horrid brands so I was thrilled to hear that Liz Earle will be releasing a new range in May, although I'm fairly sure this product can be purchased online now!

After picking up the travel size skin care set I received a free sample of the new Sheer Skin Tint. I'm not going to lie - tinted moisturisers have never, ever appealed to me. I'm not sure why but I've always gone for full coverage foundations even though I don't have many problem areas on my face. I think foundation has always been a kind of security blanket for me but since I'm getting into a bit of a pickle with foundation matches I really didn't have anything to lose when trying these. 

 Each sample envelope contains 3 shade samples - Bare 01 for fair skin tones, Beige 02 for medium skin tones and Beach 03 for medium to dark skin tones. Being Casper the friendly ghost I discarded the two darker shades and opted for Bare 01.

"The perfect way to enhance your skin. Our rich, creamy fomula leaves skin looking naturally dewy, even and radiant. With mineral UV protection, SPF15 plus our own specially selected blend of botanicals."

As you can see from the above swatch the formula is rich and creamy but doesn't leave any heavy residue on the skin when blended. There's a slight dewy finish though it looks quite natural. I can't stand it when products claim to leave a dewy finish but it ends up looking like you've been sweating all over the place because it's so shiny! It gives an even coverage that's perfect for every day wear. I like how light it is and I feel reassured that my pores aren't going to be horribly clogged by it.

When finished with powder and blusher/bronzer I honestly couldn't tell that I wasn't wearing a foundation which I was very impressed by. It lasted a full day and didn't go patchy. All I found myself doing was a quick sweep of powder across my face about mid-afternoon. I'd recommend a concealer for under eyes or blemishes as it's not a thick formula but you could get away without it if you don't have many skin problems.

One of these small sachets has lasted 3 full applications and I'm pretty sure I'll get another one out for tomorrow so I'm very optimistic about the full size product!

How do you feel about Liz Earle releasing cosmetics? I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on this product and I don't know how I'm going to last until it's official release!!


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  1. Hello Issy!

    Sorry if this has posted twice - I thought I had sent it but can't find it now!
    I was just writing to ask about some advice on brushes for foundation.
    In particular stippling brushes, do you think they are the best? Better than using fingers? Or are there other options? I have a very liquidy foundation that isn't too thick.

    :) x