Monday, 16 April 2012

Moleskine Wellness Journal

As I've posted on here before I'm on the final leg of my weightloss journey. I have around 10lbs left to lose and it can't bloody come off quick enough! As I type there's an advert for pizza on the tv which is not helping!
However, I'm determined to get down to 133lbs and I wanted to post about one of my methods that I'm trying out over the next few months - a food diary.
I've always dabbled with food / health diaries as I'm a notebook hoarder but I never seem to keep it up. Using the WeightWatchers app has really helped me record my daily intake and has also made me think twice before having a biscuit or putting more pasta than I need on my plate as I have to actually admit what I'm doing to myself and my phone, but I'll always prefer handwritten over technology! I decided to take my food diary one step further when I spotted a new range of "Passions" journals by Moleskine when in Selfridges last week. I am an avid Moleskine fan, if you don't have a notebook or diary by them then I urge you to go and get one now now now!! I love to give them as gifts...or just tell myself they're gifts but keep them, ha..hello hoarders.
Anyway! So, I bought a new Moleskine Wellness Journal. They do plenty in this range such as a dog journal, gardening journal or even a chocolate or beer journal! All are priced at £15.99 online, though mine was £16.45 in Selfridges.

This journal has the classic black Moleskin cover but has an embossed design of people in various yoga positions.. It's not entirely to my taste but it is different to their usual plain cover. It contains 6 labelled sections - Personal Goals, Exercise Log, Diet, General Health, Games - Sport and Inspirations as well as 6 blank sections that can be labelled with other provided stickers in the expandable back pocket.

This is day 1 of my new food diary and the first page of the Inspiration section. I have yet to add some photos of places I'm going or clothes I'd like to buy in a couple of months. I absolutely love the idea of the labelled sections for things like personal inspiration because it means everything is contained in one place and I can just flick between the pages to remind myself why I'm doing this or what I had for lunch the week before.

I don't know why the quality of this photo is so bad! Sorry!

So, this is the Moleskine Wellness Journal and I think it's a really great idea and I think if anyone is on the lookout for a journal or notebook then they should head straight to John Lewis, WHSmith, Paperchase or the Moleskine website and grab one straight away.

What's your view on food diaries? Do you have a good alternative to handwritten notebooks?


  1. I got one and am setting it up this weekend to start next week. I love the format and the openness -- I have lots of things printed out to put in the Inspiration section. I love writing things down and tracking things, so I think I'm really going to enjoy this!

    1. i hope you love it as much as i love mine! it's an addictive little organiser :) x