Saturday, 14 July 2012

ELF Studio Eyebrow Lifter & Filler

In one of my previous ELF shopping sessions I picked up the eyebrow lifter and filler pencil from their Studio range. I'm a die hard lover of my HD Brows kit but sometimes I'd prefer to be able to quickly fill in any tricky bits and be done with my brows. I saw this on the ELF website and was sold by the "lift" element of the pencil in the product description - 

"Create polished and defined brows for a flawless fuller look! The “lift” pencil’s sheer light-reflecting pigments act as an arch support under the brows to enhance and outline the shape for a more youthful and awakened look. While the “fill” pencil shades in the eyebrow to blend in the natural shape, fill in any sparse areas and define the lines."

I purchased the pencil in Ivory/Medium and as you can see the "Fill" nib of the pencil does look like your average medium brown.. This is my first let down with the product, it's actually quite red based when applied to the eyebrow which left me very disappointed.

It does look different in different lights but if you look at the photo on the right you can see where the pencil's nib was slightly thicker than what I needed for the end of my eyebrow and it's left quite a reddy/brown colour on my skin.
My second qualm with this product is its texture. It's so waxy! Both the "Lift" and "Fill" ends left me rubbing off excess product, to the point where I sacked off the highlighter completely! I'm absolutely not used to this as the HD Brows palette is a compressed powder and once it's on the skin it's on there all day. This ELF pencil left me quite disappointed which was a shame as I was looking forward to using it, however I did only pay £3.75 and I wasn't expecting miracles.
Finally, this product was so difficult to apply lightly. The thick texture meant that it was like using a really soft crayola on my face, naturally this meant that however hard I tried I couldn't just fill in the bits I needed to and leave them. I was left rubbing off the parts that were too thick and any flakey bits that had crumbled off and become caught amongst my eyebrow, boo!

I am sad that I can't recommend this product as I absolutely hate doing negative reviews and I really recommend ELF as a quick, go-to brand if you're after some make-up bag essentials.
I promise I have a more positive review of another ELF product coming up so keep your eyes peeled for that, in the mean time head to their website - here - and try some of their other products

P.S.- In the above photos I'm wearing ELF's Volume Plumping Mascara from their Studio range - a product that I think is the perfect every day mascara that you can see in - this post - xo


  1. i am a proud elf customer. this liner is so pretty! cute blog :)

    1. I'm not sure your saw this post properly- unfortunately it's a liner that wasn't particularly pretty.. I was left unimpressed due to the reasons stated in the post, boo!