Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bobble - make water better.

Whilst in America I took a trip to an outlet mall where I visited the American Apparel store. After much contemplation I bypassed the disco pants and headed for the accessories stall, where I was greeted by this funny looking water bottle...

Meet the Bobble :

It's a water bottle but it has its own filter attached to the top which, according to Bobble allows it to be both affordable and sustainable - at £9.99 for a medium sized bottle you can carry round 550ml of water with you wherever you go and fill it up and pretty much any available water source. (Obviously not a toilet/puddle/bidet or urinal... come on now.) This can save upto 1000 plastic bottles per year! It's also recyclable, reusable and contains absolutely no BPA, PVC or Phthalates - now I'm hardly a scientist but these are primarily used to increase transparency and flexibility in plastics but have been linked to breast cancer, reproductive issues and endocrine problems, no thank you!!

This little carbon filter attached to the top allows any chlorine or organic contaminants to be filtered from the water and it costs only £6.99 to replace. After using mine at the "drinkable water stations" at the Grand Canyon I can definitely confirm that the water is well filtered. Mine tasted far less chloriney once it'd been filtered through the Bobble compared to when I drank from the tap before filling my Bobble.

I'm not entirely sure how I'll know when to replace my filter but I'll just see how it goes over the next month or so! There are loads of different filter colours, mine's magenta but there's blue, lilac, grey, white, black and more!

If you can't tell I absolutely L O V E my Bobble. I've taken it everywhere with me since the day I bought it, I'll definitely need a new filter before Christmas. Infact, after browsing the Bobble website I stumbled across their Bobble 24/7 which is a sleeker design for the gym or anyone who is involved in sports. I'm a little smitten with that since it comes in a fully coloured bottle - and it can be pink! 
There are so many cool products on the website so you should definitely check them out.

Do you have a Bobble? They're available online or at John Lewis, Topshop, Marks & Spencer to name a few.


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