Friday, 7 September 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Stud Lita - AAAAH!

It is safe to say that I have the best bunch of friends in the world - after heading out for drinks yesterday I was given a group birthday gift from my friends from school. After stalking my little blog over summer they had spied this post from a few months ago and bought me these very vicious looking babies!

I am absolutely thrilled because I nearly bought a different pair on holiday but these are even better! I'm not sure when to wear them yet - maybe at halloween or if I ever dress like a member of Kiss or Slade but if I get an outfit together this will be the first place I post about it!

About the shoes themselves - they're black leather with a 13cm wooden heel and stud and star detailing across both the folded cuff and the toe. The concealed platform is 5cms making them surprisingly easy to walk in and although the shoe itself is solid they're not too tight across my foot, although I have incredibly narrow feet so it might rub if your feet are wider than mine. The only concern is the studs go slightly lower on the inside of the cuff than shown here but when worn with jeans or disco pants they wouldn't rub against your ankle.
The box is the best shoe box I've ever seen! I love the cats everywhere and there's a big pink MEOW written on the side, amazing!

This pair are an online exclusive at with an RRP of £135.

Again, a big thank you to the Princesses, I absolutely L O V E them and it was a complete surprise. You are all fantastic ♡.


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