Friday, 7 September 2012

H&M Nail Polish Set + Matte Top Coat

Shopping in H&M is usually fairly easy for me. I really like all their basic clothing and it's definitely my go-to when I need something simple in a hurry but I've never found myself in there for anything accessory-wise. Whilst in the US I was having a wander round and saw this little collection of nail polishes. They're all quite simple colours but there's a hint of sparkle in the Pink, Blue and Black.

L- R - Black, Blue, Red, Pink & Matte Top Coat. Not the most inventive names, eh!

So, here are the swatches - on the left is two coats of each colour (except on Red where it's just one coat) and on the right is the colour with the mattifying top coat.

 I like this colour on it's own but I think it looks quite dull with the top coat. Personally I'd avoid the top coat for this one since there's glitter within the polish and it looks a little dirty on the right.

 I love this blue! It's got some very small flecks of glitter in but it's barely detectable when applied to the nail. I like this with the top coat as well, although you need about 2 coats of the polish to get opaque coverage so adding the top coat means if you catch your nail against anything the colour is totally scraped off - ick!

 This pink is my second favourite of the polishes, it looks good with the top coat on or off. It'd be nice to use the topcoat on top of this if you were doing any nail art and using the pink as a base colour. Similarly, the top coat is one too many with 2 coats of the pink but I think one application of the pink colour is enough for satisfactory coverage.

This red is my absolute favourite! It's so bright and eye catching. I love it with the topcoat on or off, this is also only ONE application of the red as you don't need two to achieve an opaque layer on the nail - that's something I really like as the top coat then isn't too much and doesn't squish across the nail.

I'd be interested to try this top coat on other nail polish brands to compare if against H&M's brand. My only complaint about the product really is the smudging on some of the nails. If all the colours had as much coverage as the red then they would be perfect!

I'm not sure if these are available in the UK as I can't find them online but they are in most American H&M stores.

p.s. if you click HERE you can go straight to the H&M website and perv on David Beckham. You're welcome, xo

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