Thursday, 27 September 2012

Life Update - September

September has signified the end of many things that have been going on this year. The first of which obviously being the distinct change in the seasons and consequently, my wardrobe! The second 'ending' was that of the summer break from University.

I travelled back down to my little term-time house on the 19th of September and unpacked myself into a new bedroom for my final year of higher education. Although I'm not unfamiliar with living away from home this is a pretty big step as I really don't get on well with changing aspects of my life. After being looked after in my lovely house in the Midlands coming back down to rented, student accommodation is something that I dread for the days running up to it.

After being back for over a week and burning my fair share of Yankee Candles to make it feel like home I feel as though I've settled back in nicely, especially after impulse buying a pink Hello Kitty onesie that's more than acceptable to wear up to the shop on the corner when I've run out of milk!

As my third and final year of studying has been so heavily thrust upon me (6 contact hours a week, I know RIGHT!) it's beginning to seem a lot more real that I might have to grow up at some point, preferably not until I'm in my late 50s but someone told me it doesn't work like that..

I thought I'd just share a couple of photos of my room as I don't really do any posts like this but I'd like to get a bit more of "me" across on my little blog. These are the only two that don't include the vast amount of boxes still on my bedroom floor...

So, maybe you'll see these kind of posts once or twice a month as a little round-up of the goings on in my life!



  1. Yankee Candle will be forever my favourite. This is such a nice sweet scent. xo

  2. I personally enjoy these types of posts as I think it's getting a bit of an insight into a blogger's life and who they are that stops all beauty blogs from blurring into one!
    Hope your final year goes well!
    Mel x