Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hair tool of a lifetime : Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

As a girl who spends time daily on her appearance I've never struggled to find a product I need for my eyes, lips or skin in amongst the full draws of bits and bobs that I've collected over the years. My hair however, is a different matter - queue the long description of the hair heartaches I've faced....

I've had many a hair disaster colour wise since the age of 13 when I was first allowed to have a "proper hairstyle" (which was a JenAn-esque feathery plain middle parted affair, thanks for that mum..) but the main issue I've encountered is finding the right tool to give my hair the perfect bounce-while-I-walk thing that always happens on adverts and in films. I've got my GHD straighteners for the days I need to tame my mane and they do an alright job when I want to keep some life in the ends and give them a slight curl, but they really didn't do what I wanted when it comes to a little curliness.
Last Christmas I received the Toni & Guy jumbo curling wand and I had quite high hopes... to be honest with you it's probably more effective as an actual magic wand than a curling wand so it's sat under my bed with the intention of being sold when I can find the box.

Enter then, the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler (weee, wahooo, yeaaah go Enrapture!). I saw from Holly (click!) on twitter that it was available on Boots for £29.99 and after never buying it due to it's original price of £74.99 I snapped it up in literally less than 30 seconds.

Click, click, MINE!

I received this product today at roughly 12pm, by 1.30pm I had beautiful, bouncy, princess hair that makes me swish my head around just to feel it all big and fabuluzzzz!

before :

after :

There are three sections on the barrel with adjustable heat settings allowing different styles of curls down the length of the hair. I used it on the settings 1-1-2 to allow for slightly tighter curls at the bottom but a looser wave towards the root. Once the curls had cooled slightly I brushed through them with my fingers to loosen them up and avoid having Taylor Swift style curls (I love Taylor Swift by the way, I just don't suit tight curls!)
In the bottom photos there is a slight drop in the curls on one side due to me forgetting to fix with hairspray straight away but I still absolutely love it! The styler can also be used without the flipper (the little grippy bit) as a curling wand but for this style I used the flipper to grip the hair at the bottom.

The tool itself looks like this 

I love, love, love that it comes with a travel bag / heating mat. It is really convenient and allows me to take it home without getting all the wires tangled together. There's also a care guide and a styling instruction manual to help you get to grips with this innovative tool.

I'm really looking forward to using this styler on the other heat settings to get tighter or looser culs another day. My only fault with the product is that the barrel is slightly too short for my almost waist length hair! I need another inch on the end to get closer to the root, but aside from that I really can't find a fault with the product! 

I also really like how involved the company are with their audience on twitter after having been replied to a couple of times today, you should go ahead and follow them on twitter here (click!). Next on my shopping list is the set of heated rollers, hello Santa!

The Enrapture Encode Totem Styler has an RRP of £74.99 but can be bought for a limited time only on   Boots.com for less than 1/2 price at £29.99!



  1. I NEED heated rollers in my life. Or so I tell myself. Your hair looks gorge by the way, so long!

    1. Thank you Polly! I really recommend this as a curling tool :) xo