Saturday, 20 October 2012

Jack Wills Fernham Jeans

Jack Wills clothing is not to everybody's taste. I often stand in my local store lusting over their knitwear but due to my body shape (a.k.a. my boobs!) I tend to look like a complete pleb in any of their jumpers. It is for that reason that on one of my visits I headed straight for the denim section. I'm a sucker for Topshop's Leigh jean but I think these jeans are not only better quality but they are just as good in the skinny jean stakes

 For some reason I picked up W30 L32 which is was a total rookie error as I'm more of a W28 L28 these days but at the time I felt like the W30 looked less fat-chick-goes-skinny-jean. From looking more recently online I've seen that there actually is an option for W29 for any females like me who aren't a size 12 but are not yet a 10! All hail mid sizes!

Anyway, onto how they look...

pls forgive the thunder thighs and the background!!

Aside from the bunching at the knees and ankles due to excess fabric I absolutely L O V E how these jeans fit. They can go through 2 or 3 wears without going remotely baggy, a problem I have had previously with Topshop's Baxter style.. not a good look for anyone! They're very stretchy for jeans but not at all thin. The denim is thick and has front and back pockets with a button and zip to do up.
This colour is "dark indigo" but they are available in 4 shades - "black" "grey" & "worn indigo" online (click!).

However, one problem that will arise for many people is the price. These jeans retail for £49.50 which is certainly not cheap but I really, really think they are worth the money*.

Where do you stand when it comes to Jack Wills? Would you pay this much for a pair of jeans?


*If you're a student you should be able to receive 15% off in store, but check with your local store first.

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