Saturday, 9 February 2013

i'm mr reckless with a capital R....

I don't really discuss music much on here but today is different. One of my favourite bands for the last few years has been You Me at Six. I remember listening to them on Myspace and trying to download the tracks because I didn't know where else to get them! I've got every song on my iTunes, from unreleased acoustics and b-sides to the latest Live at Wembley album from last December and it's all still such good music. I couldn't go to the show due to university deadlines and I was absolutely gutted but I'd seen some of the merchandise from the tour uploaded online and on instagram. When I saw these two items I knew I had to have them.. my housemates will tell you I was refreshing the Kitemco merchandise page for DAYS until these pieces were put up but I missed out on them because of essay writing. I've never loathed Exilius by Jane Barker more in my life.... because I loved it before....(not.)

Reckless Jumper £30 & YMAS Bobble hat £15

I bought the jumper in a medium, I think it's a unisex top and since I don't have a boy figure I thought it'd be best to get some leeway in the boob area. Story of my bloody life! Anyway, it's a really, really nice jumper and even though it's not tailored to females I'd recommend it.

 To me it looks like an American varsity jumper which is a print I love anyway BUT Reckless is my favourite song off Sinners Never Sleep so it was my favourite piece instantly!

There's a small embellished VI on the cuff of the left sleeve which is a really nice touch. I'm not going to be a total div and say that I've loved Roman numerals forever because that's a crock of shit, BUT I do find them really aesthetically pleasing- they're so much neater than our numbers!

This bobble hat was the other piece on the site that jumped out at me. I've loved my trusty £4.99 beanie for my can't-be-arsed days or for nights in the library....or for the shit-i-woke-up-late-and-can't-wash-my-hair days for the last few months but there comes a time when one must expand one's hat collection and this is the one for me!

Anyway, this is the jumper on me.. it's a rubbish photo but the lighting in this bedroom is absolutely AWFUL and my PhotoBooth was the best option. It's a little long in the body but I'm short so that's probably got something to do with it!

I bought and paid for these from this website (click!) on the 1st of February paying £4.00 delivery and they arrived this morning so it took just over a week for them to arrive.

If you haven't listened to You Me At Six before I really would recommend them. If you like Don Broco, Twin Atlantic or other more recent bands to hit the music scene then give You Me At Six a search on Spotify/iTunes and let me know what you think!

I'll leave you a photo of me looking a bit posey wearing my new hat. Let me know about your favourite bands and other good websites for band merchandise, I'm always after new stuff!


  1. I LOVE You Me At Six so much! I remember seeing them on Valentines Day 2007 (six years ago omg!) before they even have an album out - and I met Josh the year after! Beautiful man, beautiful music! <3

    1. i'm so jealous you met josh! i saw them last year and they were hands down the BEST live band i've ever seen xo