Sunday, 3 March 2013

BananaEgg Pancakes...

As far as I'm concerned Sundays are for yummy food, family and Disney films. Unfortunately as I'm half way through my dissertation I don't have time to go home and see my family, nor do I have time for a leisurely viewing of Beauty and the Beast so I've been finding ways to have yummy breakfasts, lunches and dinners without piling on the pounds.

Today I tried 2 ingredient pancakes and I absolutely love them! I saw this recipe online last week, there's even a hashtag for it on instagram (#bananaeggpancakes)! All you need is one or two bananas and one or two eggs, a blender, a frying pan and some non-stick spray or olive oil. Put your frying pan on medium heat and allow to heat up, then chop your banana(s) in half and chuck in the blender and whizz them until puréed. Crack in your egg(s) and whizz again, it should look like normal pancake batter now. Pour the batter into the warmed, very lightly oiled pan - if you have a big spoon you need 2-3spoonfuls or just put in the amount for a normal American style pancake. These don't need long on the hob AT ALL but don't worry if one side is a little too brown, it doesn't really affect the taste. Allow the top to form tiny little bubbles and then flip your pancake over with a slatted spatula and cook the other side and repeat with the rest of your batter. 2 of each ingredient should give 7 - 8 pancakes, and guess what -

you can eat them all.. ALL!

(disgusting university hob, ick!! sorry!)

When else can you at 8 pancakes and not have to feel guilty?!? Before dolloping the batter into the pan you could add
♡ cinnamon 
♡your favourite protein powder
♡any other fruit that you love to make it filling and tasty.

Don't add sugar to your mixture though, the bananas are sweet enough and you can always sprinkle it on after if you're desperate but try and avoid it if you can - the whole point is to be guilt free not guilty!

I layered mine with a swipe of 0% Greek yogurt and warmed some frozen berries on the hob to make a compote, it was seriously the best breakfast I've had ALL WEEK :)

Let me know if you make them or if you find a different filling for them, I might have had them for lunch as well so I need some new toppings!

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  1. Holy mackerel isabelle!
    Trying these TOMORROW
    Sounds so yummety yum yum!

    Lucy xxx