Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Another, yes, another Dermalogica product. Ooooh I just love Dermalogica. This time it's the Daily Microfoliant.

I received this quite a few months ago but only recently was I informed how to use it properly. On my previous visit to the Dermalogica counter I was talking about my skin type and this was recommended to me as a daily face wash to help combat oil and get rid of build up.

This is a mini sized product so the full size product bottle looks exactly the same but bigger( a bit different really). 

As you can see the bottle top is like a shaker and the product comes out as a powder. The instructions on the website and the bottle say to place the rice-based powder in your hand, mix with water and make a creamy paste and then massage onto your skin, however the Dermalogica rep I spoke to demonstrated something slightly different. Instead of a creamy paste, apparently it's better to create a foamy lather. To do this you have to rub your hands together quickly with the powder and the water and let it create bubbles. It still remains a white-ish colour it's just slightly less dense when there's more air in the mixture

I much prefer using the foamy mixture rather than just a creamy paste. The texture changes slightly and although I can still feel the little grains it does feel less abrasive. With daily usage I think this is better as it prevents over-exfoliating and dry patches. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean without any residue left over and usually it feels a little more toned as well. I love following this with my Active Moist moisturiser to regain the elasticity in my skin once it's clean.

It has a slight scent to it which some people may not enjoy, as it's a rice based powder it smells like rice paper that's used for decorating cakes. It's a very natural, earthy kind of smell so if you don't like those kinds of fragrances this might not be ideal for you.

The only downside to this product is the level that seems to go to waste, but that could just be the way I'm making mine. It seems as if every time I mix mine together I'm losing a lot of it because it goes watery or it all drips out from between my fingers. If you know a better way please let me know!

You can pick up a full sized bottle here (click!) for £40.00 /75g. Just like the rest of the Dermalogica range it's not cheap but as I said in my previous posts (click here and here) I really feel like this brand is worth the money if you're trying to treat your skin properly.

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