Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My 2013 Aeroplane Necessities

As I'm typing this I'm impatiently tapping my feet waiting to leave for the airport hotel later this evening but hopefully as you're reading this I'll have landed back home in the UK after a week in the best place in the whole world : DISNEY WORLD! In order to get to Florida I have to go on a plane which lead me to think of last year's aeroplane favourites which you can read here (click!). However a lot can change in a year so I've updated it with my favourites from the last few months.

So, these are pretty self-explanatory (but a blog post needs a few accompanying words anyway!) ; hairbrush, hair bands and bobby pins are all to keep my hair off my face for the flight. I think I'll be opting for the messy bun because it's the quickest to fix if it needs re-doing. Toothbrush and gum are to make sure I don't have a mouth like Ghandi's flip-flop as my friend Aimee would say. I have a travel sized tube of toothpaste somewhere too! Lipbalm, moisturiser and body lotion are all to keep my skin hydrated. I'll use the body moisturiser on my hands for an intensive treatment rather than to moisturise my legs, I'm not sure how the rest of the cabin would feel if I dropped trou and asked for a leg rub!! Deodorant is pretty obvious.. no-one likes a smelly passenger.

Here are some very blurry individual photos with the details :

Superdrug Soft Touch Hair Grips (I can't find these exact hair grips but there's a similar product here) and Metal Free Hair Bands (and here), Denman D3 Strawberry Shortcake hairbrush (exact here), novelty Hello Kitty nail file.

Dermalogica Active Moist moisturiser (here), Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Body Moisturiser (here) & Dove Maximum Protection deodorant (here).

The only one I've missed out is the Nivea Lip Butter but there's a full review here (click!) and you can buy it here (click!)

This year I won't be taking any make-up on the plane with me. Sorry Virgin Atlantic, I've got my ugly face on for the next 9 hours!

It's a bit late for me to pack your favourites but tell me what they are in the comments!


  1. drop trou, hilarious.
    it's funny because I never thought about bringing face wash and moisturiser etc but I will now.
    and you're right, no one likes a smelly passenger! such a considerate derp.
    good post :)

    1. it's so much nicer to pop to the bathroom and wash / moisturise your face halfway through or to the end of the flight. I always feel so dry and horrible so it's nice to have the world's quickest pamper session before landing! xo