Thursday, 6 June 2013

Disney inspired outfit #1 - you've got to be kitten me!

So I haven't really got any weekly features on my blog but I have decided to start one. Due to my love of Disney and my complete denial of the fact I'll shortly be turning 22 I've chosen to begin putting together some outfits inspired by my favourite Disney characters.

To begin I've chosen my favourite animated kitten, Marie. I love everything about her, especially her  choice of bows and ribbons and heir feisty attitude towards her mischievous brothers.

 Top to bottom & left to right : the pink bow headband is from the USA Monsoon website here (click!), the pink bow earrings are by Kate Spade here (click!), the first white dress is by Ted Baker here (click!), the middle dress is by Miss Selfridge except its disappeared off the website and the playsuit is by Topshop here (click!). Onto the footwear - the pale pink sneakers are by Vans here (click!), the nude pumps are by Miu Miu (I have lusted after these for a good eighteen months!) here (click!), the pink Converse Allstars are here (click!), fuschia heels are by Zara here (click!). Finally, the finishing touches come in the form of a beautiful pink Kate Spade handbag here (click!), in keeping with Marie's French heritage I couldn't ignore the Chanel Caviar medium bag, however I'm reluctant to put a link to this bag as it I don't want anyone to get conned by a fake seller, sorry! To get your little paws to match Marie's here are two Topshop nail polishes, the pale pink is here (click!) and the bright pink here (click!).

So, that's my first Disney character inspired set! 

I hope you can find some things you like from this, let me know in the comments if you buy anything or if you have any better ideas.


  1. I really like the Chanel bag and the pale pink vans.
    Can you do one on Princess Aurora??
    Super excited to see your one on Belle :) xxx

    1. haha you know me so well! I'll be doing both of them asap, I'll make Aurora next week's pick just for you xo