Friday, 7 June 2013

Marilyn Monroe x Mac Blush in Legendary

After convincing myself I didn't need anything from the Marilyn Monroe collection that was launched late last year I accidentally found myself buying this baby in Macy's in the Mall at Millenia in Orlando. I could have screamed I was so excited because I thought I'd missed my chance when it sold out in the UK, but I managed to save it a whole week before using it in order to take the perfect product photos.

I'm not sure how well these photos show the colour pay-off because I've looked at them a lot and been wearing the blusher all day so I'm used to it but I think it's pretty accurate (I have been known to be wrong before... like maybe my science GCSE.......).

The packaging is amazing, it's beautifully shiny with a black and white photo of Marilyn Monroe on the lid of the pot with her signature and the MAC logo in a vibrant red. The blush itself is a coral tone with a light shimmer. I found I needed to coat my brush quite heavily but actually brush it on quite lightly on the apples of my cheeks with a light swipe going slightly further up towards my temples. This won't work for everyone and I know some people are dead set against applying blusher anywhere but directly on the apples of their cheeks but THAT'S OKAY. I'm only wearing foundation and this blush in the above photos meaning I hadn't contoured my cheekbones so allowing my blusher to be visible towards my temples gives my face a little more definition.

I think I paid around $20-25 for 0.21oz of this product - it isn't cheap but I think it's worth its price tag. Unfortunately this shade is NOT available outside of this collection which I am completely gutted about. There's not even a slightly similar shade as far as I know but I'm crossing my everything for something like this in another collection.

Do you have any of the other items from this collection? Link me your reviews because there was a highlighting powder I wanted but it was out of stock, dire!

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