Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday has been a hashtag that's been going around on twitter and instagram for a while but I thought it would be nice to do one every once in a while on my blog too. I've realised I follow a huge number of females on social networking sites and I think it's because I love looking to how other women style things or present themselves rather than how men do. Although I don't buy Cosmo magazine because it just doesn't have articles that appeal to me Hayley was on their May 2011 cover. I feel like magazines like Nylon (Hayley has also been on the cover of Nylon more recently)  or Vogue allow me to browse a wide range of interviews, pictorals and discussions based around other women without telling me "how to be a woman" or telling me the only way to keep my boyfriend is to give the perfect blow-job. The only type of blow I care about is the blow dry I give my hair when I'm fresh out the shower! I also buy Tatler every once in a while because it usually has a noteable woman on the cover with an article on how they became established etc.

Anyway, my first WCW is Hayley Williams of Paramore. I've loved Paramore since I was about 15 and I think Hayley has always presented herself in a way that reminds me that it's okay to wear clothes that aren't "trendy" or to dye my hair red or to be a little bit mouthy sometimes. Her signature colour is bright orange which began with her hair, her microphone tape, the album cover for Riot and more recently her Hayley Williams for Mac range. It was risky but as you can see from the photos the potted products aren't too cray cray even if the lipstick and nail laquer are a vibrant shades of orange.

Paramore's recent self-titled album is easily one of my top 10 for this year. After the departure of the Farro brothers two years ago Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor have brought out possibly their best album yet. I won't go into a full review but there are a few little interlude tracks which really break up the sound of the album and the rest of it is full of energy and perfect for singing along to in the summer.

You can follow Hayley on tumblr, twitter and instagram under the name @yelyahwilliams to get your pop-punk princess fix!


  1. I am delighted you are crushing on a ginger. I expect to find myself up there soon.
    Who is the top by in the third picture do you know?

    1. The top is by Peter Som from the Spring collection of 2011. There is always a place in my heart for ginger ladies worldwide!