Friday, 14 June 2013

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Concealer

"Micro correcting eye concealer. Instantly erases dark circles and fine lines. 
Visibly diminishes under eye puffiness" 

I have seen this in SO MANY American YouTube beauty videos and I was dying to buy one myself but alas, I couldn't find it anywhere. I didn't realise it was because it wasn't actually available in the UK though. Big derp! Anyway, I found it yesterday in my local Boots and did that thing where I went YES! and fist pumped. Except I was alone and I had headphones in so yeah, you can imagine the looks I got. ANYWAY don't care so I skipped to the counter and £7.99 later it was mine. This is in the shade "light" but there are around 6 shades available in the USA. Unfortunately in the UK there are only 2 shades, "light" and "nude". It's also painfully difficult to get hold to as well. I bought mine in Boots but I have read it is available from Superdrug. I can't find it online on the UK Maybelline website though which is really bizarre since they make it! 

There are a few marketing differences between the UK product and the US product - firstly the name, in the UK it's "Instant Anti-Age. The Eraser: Eye. Perfect & Cover Concealer" in the US it's "Instant Age Rewind Eraser. Dark Circles Treatment Concealer" As I said above the US version of this product boasts 6 shades, 4 are skin toned and the remaining two are brightening and neutralising so there's a little bit more choice if you're based in the USA. 

This concealer apparently contains goji berries and haloxyl. I literally hate goji berries when I've eaten them but I don't hate this... so that's good. And I had no idea what haloxyl was until I googled it and apparently it's something to do with anti-ageing so again, good. Though there are a variety of warnings about it online so do ya research kids.. 

This is an "exclusive sponge applicator" which isn't something I've used before. In terms of sanitising it the instructions say just to wipe with a tissue but if you're a total germaphobe this might not be ideal.

So you're supposed to click the top round 1- 2 times, but for the first application it needs a few good twists before anything comes out the sponge applicator. It doesn't come out evenly but if it did there would definitely be too much to use in one application.

 I dabbed mine about 7 times under my eye very lightly and then blended it in underneath with my fingers. Again, this isn't ideal for everyone due to hygiene reasons but as long as your hands are clean it's fine. It's medium to heavy coverage to me but I don't use heavy coverage much so I could have misjudged that. To some people this could only be low coverage but in my opinion it's medium-heavy. It's a super soft formula but you have to be careful with the skin under your eyes as it's so delicate so don't get all gung-ho to clear your dark circles but actually make them worse in the process.

This is it totally blended after applying the rest of my make-up too and although there's a slight colour difference between my tinted moisturiser and the concealer it's not noticeable at all once blended and set with my other face products.

I do have a photo of one eye with nothing on as a comparison :

Overall I really, really like this concealer. It's easy to use and completely fuss free which is good for every day as there's no flapping around with brushes and powders solely for under eye use when you still have to apply the rest of your face! At £7.99 for 6.8ml it's very inexpensive and when compared to higher end products like Bobbi Brown's creamy eye concealer which is £24.99 for 5.9g.


  1. I have never seen this before :) looks fab! will be adding it to my to try list xx