Wednesday, 17 July 2013

ELF Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

These are both new releases from Elf - I think they have been available for around two weeks. Both are named after two of America's finest places; New York City and California and they aim to recreate the smokiness of New York's skyscrapers through the dark, shimmering blue, grey and blacks and the bright sunshine of Cali with bright, sparkling sunset shades.

The above photos show the NYC palette and the ones below are of the California palette.

This photo shows both alongside one another so you can really see the shades to compare them. They are all blendable and buildable to allow you to create a heavy, dramatic eye look or to soften the harsh darker colours to create light, shimmering summer looks.

In terms of quality I would give these a 7/10 - there can be a little bit of fallout with the darker shades (or it could be with all of them but the darker ones are more noticeable) and the shimmer particles are visable so if you prefer matte colours definitely avoid these palettes.

I think applying these with a damp brush could help secure them on the lid - I would also definitely recommend an eyelid primer, not to get rid of creasing but because it allows the eyeshadow to cling to a base rather than hoping it will stay put!

They have a good wear time - around eight hours on the upper eyelid. I can't say much for how well they stay underneath the lower lash line purely because I don't find them suitable to wear underneath unless it is the darkest colours. The particles are a quite big so it can be a bit hit-and-miss as to whether it stays securely on such a small area.

These palettes are £10 each - an absolute bargain in my book!

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