Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Citypoint Club - London

I'm not going to lie to you - I am not a gym bunny in any way, shape or form but walking into The Citypoint Club practically turned me into one in about 4.372 seconds. It was like walking into heaven on a little cloud of love. 

This place is aimed at the working Londoner - providing everything you might need (ever!) in the club. You can get your laundry done within 24hours, towels are provided, the bathrooms supply razors, shaving gel and bathrobes and flip flops. It's designed so you can come in on your lunch break, work out or get pampered and then shower and go back to work. It also means there really is no excuse not to go to the gym. If you're the kind of person who lives in London during the week it's possible that this club is better equipped than your accommodation meaning it's something you actually look forward to.

Of course there are spa treatments available that you can't say no to! Relaxing rooms with plunge pools, jacuzzis and an O-Zone treated pool which means your hair won't go horribly crispy and your eyes won't sting when you get out. There is also an on-site GP. Seriously, this place has everything, the only thing it doesn't have is a bed, that way you'd never have to leave! Oh, but I was just reminded on twitter that there are ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIRS developed by NASA so you probably could just curl up in a little ball and sleep there to be honest (I am not advising or recommending you do this fyi..).

Of course, for all these little and big luxuries there is a price tag attached to the monthly membership but from what I understand it isn't too bad when you consider the monthly cost for centres like David Lloyd and how little other clubs provide when compared to The Citypoint Club.

You can book a range of spa treatments, each costing from £25-£100 depending on the treatment. To me these prices are completely reasonable, especially considering the luxurious environment you're in when you're being treated.

The final procedure to mention is the new Zerona fat reducing treatment. Using lasers to liquidate excess fat over a course of six or more treatments this innovative technique can reduce inches across any desired area (alongside a healthy and active lifestyle).

I can't give you a hugely in depth review but it really is worth checking out if you're in or near Moorgate - click here (!!!) to find out more about The City Point Club.

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