Sunday, 4 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint Fresh

Released in the UK earlier this week I didn't think I stood a chance of picking one up any time soon but alas, I was wrong! This one was the last one left on the shelf so I thought I'd buy it and see what all the fuss is about.

These seem to be a staple handbag or cosmetics bag item for tweens, teens and young adults across America and on YouTube so I was expecting a lot from this little lip balm stick.
The packaging colours vary between the different scents or flavours of these lip balms but they all have a see through plastic cap with Baby Lips written it and a block colour twisty tube containing the balm.
As you can see my packaging is purple and green on the Mint Fresh flavour.
It's pretty simple and doesn't pretend to be something it's not - for £2.99 I'm not really bothered what it looks like if it rehydrates my lips when I use it.

I am relatively impartial to this lip balm if I'm completely honest. It doesn't give the full 8hrs of moisturisation that the packaging claims it can, I would say probably an hour or two if you're eating, drinking or probably if you're talking too. But then I talk a lot so maybe that's just me....

This is the kind of product that I'm glad I bought because I never have enough lip balm but I think I prefer my EOS Smooth Sphere if I'm rummaging through my supplies for a specific product. Baby Lips lip balms appear to serve their purpose pretty well - they do the job for a short period of time. I think this is probably a school girl's staple item because it's cute, all your friends have one and it works pretty well. This is one of those things that I'd always want to try if I hadn't bought it - and for £2.99 I'm glad I did because it's a good product, it's just not what everyone seems to make it out to be! It has a little bit more going on in the "trendy" stakes than your average tin of Vaseline or Carmex but I think it's aimed at people slightly younger than myself.

When this runs out I imagine I'll be buying another one since lip balm is one of those things that I spread around every single hand bag!

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