Thursday, 15 August 2013

Victoria's Secret PINK bralets

(img from VOGUE Italy here (click!) )

Once hitting the pavements of Oxford Street I couldn't stop my feet from heading towards Victoria's Secret. I usually struggle to buy their lingerie when I'm in the states because I can't figure out the damn sizes on the labels so I just pass it up and buy 1284328479 pairs of cheeksters - but thankfully the UK stores have UK sizing, hurrah!

I love the Victoria's Secret underwear collections but there's something about their PINK range that does it for me - it's fun and flirty and it's not just limited to underwear. In my wardrobe I have built a nice little collection of lounge pants, oversized jumpers and of course their drinks flasks make any workout cute, which is obviously the reason to work out duhhhhhh.

I picked up these two beauties yesterday and I'm already absolutely in love with them. The purple and pink racerback bralet is so comfy it is hard to believe it has a practical use! I couldn't resist it because I knew it would look nice under pyjamas in the evening when let's be real - no-one wants to wear a bra. It's nice to have a little air (not hair!) in the breasticle area once in a while. Unfortunately the straps on this aren't adjustable which is a bit of a pain for me - I've been blessed with breast but I've got a narrow build so the straps are a bit too long! Nevertheless I love it and it really is perfect for lazy days or nighttime.

I paid around £22 for this but you can see the other available colours here (click!!) but it is the American website.

The layered lace bandeau is so pretty and it's a bit of a statement piece on its own. I'd wear this over a bra but underneath a top with wide sleeves or under some sort of sheer top for a pop of colour. again I paid around £22 for this and you can view it online here (click!!).

Neither of these pieces are wired which does mean they're slightly more comfortable than a regular bra but the bandeau has some support at the sides. Both of these are incredibly stretchy as they're made of nylon & spandex. They don't have clasps or fastenings so they're super easy to pull on in a hurry and I really can't emphasise enough how bloody comfortable they are!

What's your favourite piece by Victoria's Secret / PINK? Let me know in the comments below!

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