Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Carex Hand Soaps - Cola Bottles & Strawberry Laces

These soaps aren't quite beauty products but I couldn't resist photographing them for my blog when I bought them a couple of months ago. I'm a sucker for anything that smells like something I can eat, especially when it's sweet.
These hand washes are scented exactly like two old favourites from the pick 'n' mix sections; cola bottles and strawberry laces. When I say exactly, I mean exactly. There isn't even a hint of soapy smell from either, they're almost edible!

Since working in a school I'm even more conscious of picking up germs and bugs from everywhere so although I wash my hands at numerous points in the day I also wash my hands as soon as I get home from work. One pump of soap is enough to create lots of bubbles with warm water and the smell tends to linger for a little while after which I love.

Sadly I've worked my way through the strawberry laces bottle which was my favourite but I love the sweet scent of the cola bottles soap every time I pop to the bathroom!

These soaps are super inexpensive priced from £1-£3 depending on the retailer. They're currently on offer at Boots.com here (click!) for just £1 each.


  1. We've just bought these! I love the cola bottles one but don't think the strawberry laces one is strawberry enough. I don't think it's nice at all :(


    1. I absolutely love them both! I want there to be a shower gel and shampoo too! xo