Tuesday, 15 October 2013

L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint

After the huge hoo-ha surrounding the US version of this product, marketed as Liquid Powder over there, I knew I wanted to try it from the first reviews I saw online. A product that's lighter than water? What does that even mean??

What this seems to translate into is that it is a very watery product. It has a very light amount of coverage but has a really soft finish, both in the appearance and in the feel of the liquid. Eau de Teint doesn't come with a pump so that's not ideal for some people but it applies incredibly evenly when applied to the skin. I just buff this in with my fingers rather than a brush because it really is so runny that I don't think a brush would do it much good!

I purchased this in the lightest shade, 100 Porcelain but it's actually got quite a lot of colour given it's a pale shade. I've swatched it alongside Liz Earle's Signature Foundation in 01 and Collection's concealer in Fair to show the colour difference. It does look incredibly dark in these photos but it's quite a good match on my face and actually matches better than the Liz Earle foundation (which is strange because the LE foundation seems to get darker even though it's lighter!).

Packaging wise it's not the most logical...a glass bottle without a pump isn't ideal for transporting or for anyone with a full make-up bag. The design on the packaging is also completely different to the US product - this isn't called Liquid Powder and the bottle isn't frosted white near the top but I think the actual product is generally the same kind of thing.

I'd say this provides around 6 - 7 hours of wear with the usual additions to the face ; bronzer/blusher/highlighter etc but if I were to wear this for a longer time I'd want to wear a powder on top to ensure it would stay and would be much easier to top up without the added stress of not spilling the liquid everywhere.

Overall this is probably a 6/10 for me. The packaging isn't particularly user friendly but the product itself does the job for an everyday work kind of make-up look.

This is on offer for now for £6.99 at most drugstores but usually will sell for £9.99 after the introductory offer is over.

PS: I am sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. I've been super busy with work but I have also just come down with a horrible cold, woe is me! I hope to resume proper posting in the next week or so, thank you for sticking with me xoxo 

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