Sunday, 8 December 2013

Clique Magazine issue #1

Hello lovely readers - I have a lot of explaining to do as to why I've neglected my little space on the internet but alas, now is not the time. Instead I'm talking about Clique magazine; a new fangled publication that means you can literally buy what is on the pages AS YOU READ THE MAGAZINE.
All you need is - a copy of Clique magazine and a smartphone with the Clique app.
Do you want to know the best bit?
Do you?

I bet you do. Okay.

This means you will spend a grand total of £ZERO to read a magazine and browse for new bits and pieces all with the help of your smartphone...

You just have to scan the photos with the app and it takes you straight to where you can swap your ££ for new stuff. And we all know new stuff is the best kind of stuff.

My favourite thing about Clique is that it isn't like some of the other female oriented magazines that are on the market. It has intelligent articles mixed in with pages of the best high street and designer picks. There's no "Fifty of the best Karma Sutra Positions" or "Ten ways to make sure he will NEVER, EVER LEAVE YOU!!!". This issue has a well written piece on the beautiful Miranda Kerr and a double page spread on Katie Eary, one of the hottest of Britain's young designers.

You can sign up to Clique Magazine here (click!) & follow their twitter here (click!). You can also keep up-to-date with the hashtag #myclique.

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