Sunday, 19 January 2014

Moschino Violetta Bunny iPhone Case from Net-A-Porter

Is there anything better than a new, crisp Net-A-Porter box? I love getting little bits off Net-A-Porter because even if they're not particularly expensive they feel it in the sleek black box.

My most recent purchase is the Moschino Violetta iPhone case. It's an adorable bunny with a little white tail and pale pink foot pads and a bow. It comes complete with whiskers and pink nose too.

My honest opinion is that it's absolutely adorable to look at but it's pretty bulky. I use this on weekends when my phone will be safely in my bag away from the hectic work environment of a school and there's no risk of getting biro stains on everything!

It's quite pricey for a phone case at £40 but it is a real Moschino product. I've seen "dupes" of this online for peanuts but they still carry the Moschino label. I don't really agree with putting the designer name on it if it's not the real deal but hey ho, it's down to whoever buys it to deal with that one.

This was available on the run up to Christmas on net-a-porter but it appears to have sold out, sob!
If you find a link to a legit case let me know!

  If you're going to buy your own case please be careful not to get completely ripped off by an ebay or amazon seller.

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  1. ah this is definitely so cute but yes a bit bulky indeed!some people do use cases like this on a daily basis though i don't think i would either!:)xx

  2. It's so cute and adorable!! I used to have one of them phone cases with heavy jewels on and it was such a nightmare to carry out so I completely understand! x