Sunday, 9 February 2014

Miss KG Nude Patent Flats

I've loved Kurt Geiger since I got my first pair a few years ago. They were a Christmas present from my parents and they have been worn a grand total of ONE TIME. I sort of hate myself for it because they're such beautiful heels but I'm just not coordinated enough to put one foot in front of the other in them. Flats however are something I can do, thank goodness (or I'd have no hope). These are Miss KG by Kurt Geiger. Aimed at a younger audience than the more high-end Kurt Geiger collections these were so reasonably priced I was in awe. 

Not only are they chic, they were only £35.00 - the price swayed me to buy them instantly. I probably won't wear them for a month or so as the weather is too dreary to risk a mud stain but I'm looking forward to our Spring time holiday as they'll be perfect for the evenings! I bought mine in a size 6 - there's no half sizes to try them on first!

I can't wait to pair these with some jeans or with a light, flowy skirt when I'm near the beach, finally!!

Would you go for any other Miss KG shoes? I nearly bought these ones too (click!) but had to stop myself so there was something I could treat myself to next month!

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